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3 fun ways to attract female competitiors

May 28, 2012
attract a female figure competitor can be a challenge for many men, as such, a woman is a rare species. She does not have to receive the stigma of being “man” like many female bodybuilders get from people around, and usually good-looking enough to rival the most beautiful women in Hollywood models and runway . So how do you attract a woman?
a female
Here are three fun ways to ramp up the attraction while the taste of the man you see in the mirror:

1) make fun of it as a joke. Yes, you are entitled to make fun of her almost as if she were your little sister! That would never hurt her sister, but can tease playing at any time is warranted. By being able to lead without having to approach the line where it crosses to play with your emotions, convey joy and confidence, with an enormous degree of temperance. In other words, an attractive combination of their eyes.

2) To stimulate the muscles between the ears. Discover things you’ve always wanted to learn and then invited her to join to find such an event. For example, if she has always wanted to learn to draw and then see if a drawing class is in town and invite her. If you can not attend and does not offer a “rain check” (or some other form of counter-offer) and then go anyway! When she asks if it was you can say you did. This conveys confidence and you stand by your own decisions, plus it will make you more interesting as it has learned something she wants to know.

3) Make her feel normal around others. If you have a group of people going to a sporting event, invite her along and make fun of it was better to have at least one “cheat meal” in the stadium! Of course, the same applies to training seminars, dinners and other meetings. Doing this to say that he feels comfortable with it around your group of friends … and having a group of friends!

Try these three tips to get started and let your creativity will take you from there.

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